Application of OrCal (organic-mineral) calcium fertilizer on grasslands to regulate pH and control wild boars


The innovation is the using of OrCal organic-mineral calcium fertilizer on grass-lands. The application of this kind of lime allows for a quick effect of soil deacidification, which translates into yield improvement and higher quality of the grassland sward. The used lime fertilizer is characterized by a fast and effective activity due to high absorption. Systematic pH regulation of the soil, not only allows obtain better sward yields but also ensures proper soil structure and increases organic matter content in the soil. An additional advantage of the used lime fertilizer is its deterrent effect on wild boars that have caused significant damages to grasslands on the farm.

Reason for the innovation

Regular use of liming on grasslands to regulate soil pH is necessary in the specific site conditions of farm. The OrCal calcium fertilizer, which is dedicated for arable crop cultivations, was adapted by the farmer for grassland liming. The farmer noticed a significant increase of sward yield already in the first year after the application of lime and also smaller damages on grassland caused by wild boars. A big advantage of the used lime fertilizer is its formulation, which enables uniform fertilizer application with the use of the equipment already owned for organic fertilizers. The problem is the high cost of its purchase, but according to the farmer opinion, it is adequate to the obtained results.

Farm description


  • Soil types: Sandy-loam, Sandy, Clay
  • Climate: Warm-summer humid continental
  • Altitude: 178 m a.s.l.
  • Slope: 10%

Grassland management

  • All of the grasslands are exclusively mowed.
  • The sward is conserved by haylage making.


  • Annual Work Unit: 3
  • Agricultural Area: 52 ha UAA
    • Main forage area: 52 ha
    • Arable land area: 27 ha
    • Permanent grassland area: 25 ha
    • Temporary grassland area: 7 ha
    • Other forage area (maize silage): 20 ha
  • Average stocking rates:
    • agriculture area 1.3 LU/ha
    • main forage area 1.3 LU/ha
    • grassland area 2.1 LU/ha

Animal performance

  • Dairy cows: 46
  • Total livestock units: 68.2 LU
  • Milk production per head: 9400 (l/year)

Why it is working

A properly selected type of calcium fertilizer for the farm’s habitat conditions allows to obtain a better yield of grass-land sward and to improve soil structure.

Additional information

Farming system

conventional farming

Domains of innovation

machinery, tools

Main types of animal

dairy cattle



Product type

Farmer portrait


English, Polish

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