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Innovative hay production technology

Grazing management in large herds

Pasture renovation based on multi-species seed mixtures

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The innovation presented in the Juchowo Farm and discussed on the P&S meeting was a special feeding system of dairy cows based exclusively on feeds obtained from grasslands, high-quality hay and pasture during the vegetation season. This feeding is related to the specificity of farming, which does not allow silage in feed for dairy cows. This specific system of farming is also related to other innovations developed in the Juchowo Farm that includes a different approach to hay production technology divided into two steps. The first one is mowing and drying it the grass to 60% dry matter content. The second step takes place in specially prepared barns with chambers equipped with grate floor dryers, where with use of ventilators cold and warm air is pumped to dry the hay. Warm air is obtained from special chambers of a double roof of the barn and/or wood-burning stoves. The farm pasture renovation system is special, because there are used multi-species seed mixtures that include different varieties of grasses, legumes and herbs. These innovations allow the farm to maintain stable milk production from 350 dairy cows. Milk is produced (hay milk) which obtains a higher price. The welfare and animal health are improved within this system. Little issue with herd fertility performance are reported. This approach can easily be applied in other farms by exchanging knowledge and awareness of the farmers system. Juchowo Farm is a unique example of a sustainable grassland production system, where there is a balance between feed and milk production, but also benefits to farm profitability and pasture ecology.

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Farming system

conventional farming

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animal feeding management, forage conservation technique, grazing management system

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dairy cattle



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Practice abstract



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