Numbers and Geographic Distribution in Europe

In Europe, cattle (dairy cows, suckler cows and calves) represent over 85% of livestock population expressed in UGB (Unités Gros Bovins) or in LU (Livestock Units).

Dairy Cows

During last three decades the number of dairy cows decreased significantly in all European countries. In most countries animal population was reduced by half.




Figure alongside shows distribution of dairy cow population in different European countries. It shows a very high concentration of cattle per area unit in the regions bordering the English Channel and North Sea, British Islands, Galicia and in the Alpine circle.







Analysis of actual animal population shows the importance of dairy cattle in different European countries.

Largest herds are located respectively in Germany, France, Poland, UK and Italy.



Suckler Cows

Parallel with reduction of the population of dairy cows, we notice an increase of suckler cows in most countries, except in Italy.





Population of European suckler cows is extremely contrasted: large herds are found in France, Spain and United Kingdom.

Production and population of suckler animals are much more limited in all other countries of the European Union.

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