Encyclopedia pratensis is the first encyclopedia dedicated to grasslands and forage crops. It's the result of several national and international research projects...


Brokering systems
Brokering systems 15/09/2018
The innovation brokering systems within the 8 countries involved in the Inno4Grass project are described here.
Farmer portraits
Farmer portraits 20/09/2018
171 portraits of innovative farmers are available in the Inno4Grass catalog!
Case studies
Case studies 03/04/2019

85 case studies of the different farm innovations are available in the Inno4Grass catalog!

Innovations for sustainable productivity of grasslands in Europe

Farmer portraits, Case studies & practices abstracts/science practices from Inno4Grass project

One-stop shop

Grassland tools and methods for grazing management supports

Grassland Farmer of the Year 2017 Ireland

Grazing guide [In French]

© Rémy Delagarde (Inra)

100 sheets to know everything about grazing, for now only in French.

Guide Pâturage
100 fiches en français pour tout savoir sur le pâturage.

Conference papers database

A database which store information on papers from different grassland conference proceedings – both on national and European level. All papers are keyworded, categorised and shortly summarized (core message and potential innovations).


Grassland conference proceedings
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