Encyclopedia pratensis is the first encyclopedia dedicated to grasslands and forage crops. It's the result of several national and international research projects...


Farmer portraits
Farmer portraits 20/09/2018
171 portraits of innovative farmers are available in the Inno4Grass catalog!
Case studies
Case studies 03/04/2019

85 case studies of the different farm innovations are available in the Inno4Grass catalog!

A syllabus for young farmers
A syllabus for young farmers 01/07/2019

Grassland use in Europe a syllabus on practical grassland management for current and future generations of grassland farmers and advisors.

Innovations for sustainable productivity of grasslands in Europe

Consult the catalog of Farmer portraits, Case studies, Practices abstracts & Innovation analysis

One-stop shop

Grassland tools and methods for grazing management supports

YouTube Channel

Europe’s most innovative grassland farmers

From 11th to 12th June 2019 Europe’s most innovative grassland farmers are set to receive international awards for their innovation and commitment to excellence in grassland.

Discover the eight lighthouse farmers portraits !

Grazing guide [in French]

© Rémy Delagarde (Inra)

100 sheets to know everything about grazing, for now only in French.

Guide Pâturage
100 fiches en français pour tout savoir sur le pâturage.

Conference papers database

A database which store information on papers from different grassland conference proceedings – both on national and European level. All papers are keyworded, categorised and shortly summarized (core message and potential innovations).


Grassland conference proceedings
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