Perennial Ryegrass

Lolium perenne




Medium sized perennial grass (40-80 cm), smooth and glossy leaves, tufted, dark green colour. Leaves have folded vernation, will develop long, flat limbs with shiny inferior side. Auricles are rather small. Upright stems are often reddish at the base. The inflorescence is unbranched, with spikelets on alternating sides carrying 5 to 7 florets without awns per spikelet. Grains are coated in lemma with a TKW from 1.8 to 2 g. This is a cross-pollinating species, diploid at 2n=14. Some varieties are tetraploid (2n=28).



Chemical Composition
In % Water Nitrogen Fat Soluble carbohydrates Fibrous carbohydrates Ashes
Forage: green
Forage: hay
Seedlings Period Spacing Depth Amount sown
In rows – cm – cm – kg/ha


In q/ha In green In hay In grain
Yield 0-0 0-0

Agronomic characteristics

  • Easy and quick establishment
  • Very good adaptation to pasture
  • High palatability
  • Wide range of varieties for precocity conferring upon it a wide climatic adaptation
  • Good adaptation to association with white clover for pasture use
  • Requires fertilisation
  • Difficulty to mow
  • Sensitivity to drought
  • Does not grow in warm conditions (> 25°C).


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