Combining biodynamic agriculture, forage mixture, legume management and product processing


Damien Jacquemart practice biodynamic farming and he is involve in different short supply chain systems and associations, (Agricovert, Terre en vue and Peasant-artisans).

Damien Jacquemart is constantly improving his grazing management system.

Currently he practices :

  • Forage mixture (Sensier and Swiss mixtures)
  • Legume management
  • Product processing and marketing

Farmer’s strategy is focusing on higher production, processing products and curiosity in grassland management and techniques.

Optimal management of limiting factor: grass productivity and herd genetics.

Farm description


  • Soil types : Clayey-loam
  • Temperate oceanic climate
  • Altitude : 260 m
  • Slope : 0-5%

Grassland management

Grasslands, mostly permanent, are both grazed and mowed down (2 times a year). The duration of permanent meadows is longer than 20 years. Grazing
management type: rotational stocking. Forage is stored in hay.


  • Annual Work Unit: 2.2
  • Agricultural Area : 29 ha UAA
  • The farm is managed by the owner. 2ha are dedicated to crops and the rest in permanent (23 ha) and temporary (4 ha) grasslands.
  • The dairy cattle is Pie Rouge : 19 lactating cows and 11 heifers.

Animal performance

  • The milk production is average: 4,500 kg of milk / cow / year.

Why it is working

Damien Jacquemart set up a performing grassland management based on an optimal herd management: expression of the potential of the dairy cow
(favours the social life of the cows: free run, stay in the barn as much as they want, attention to animal welfare during milking, permanent presence of the bull, etc.) => « cool cows ». Good fertility rate.

Damien Jacquemart regularly follows trainings on grassland management (MAP (Mouvement d’action paysanne), UNAB (Union Nationale des Agrobiologistes Belges), training in Germany, etc.)

Additional information

Farming system

conventional farming

Domains of innovation

forage mixture, grazing management system, legume management – Perennial legumes, marketing, product processing

Main types of animal

dairy cattle



Product type

Farmer portrait


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