Doubling grass loading with rotating grazing and grassland renovation


Rotating grazing combined with grassland renovation doubled the herd of 300 to 600 ewes on the farm.

Grassland renovation, of permanent meadow to temporary meadow, benefits to biodiversity, give more forage resources to use and may have a good impact on animal health.

Indeed, he uses a multi-species mixture with fodder rape-seed at the sowing. Thanks to that, he can graze after two months.

He also uses tannin plants such as chicory and plantain that have a positive effect on grass ingestion. The second benefit of its plants is their pivotal root system that allows better moisture retention during the summer. Thanks to this, he doubled the herd of 300 to 600 ewes on the same surface. The reforms are grass-fed as part of the lambs. Young ewes do not receive concentrates anymore (before 400 g / lamb).

Reason for the innovation

Brake: climatology and soils are not conducive to good grass growth throughout the year.


  • The breeder has regained the esteem of his work thanks to this change: “Before we were healers”.
  • Gain of 8,000 € from the first year. (€ 14,000 saving, € 6,000 in-vestment)
  • Ewes and young ewes have better status
  • Less parasitism
  • Use of the herbometer to control its pasture and to know which meadow must be renewed.

Farm description


  • Soil: Clay
  • Climate: Oceanic climate
  • Altitude: 90m

Grassland management

  • Pasture: Yes
  • Rotating grazing : 4 to 6 days on a pad-dock
  • Pasture between 15 and 5 cm
  • All year round
  • 30 kg organic and inorganic N/ year


  • Annual Work Unit: 1
  • Agricultural area: 138 ha UAA
    • Main forage area: 129 ha
    • Permanent grassland: 85 ha
    • Temporary grasslands: 40 ha
    • Cereal stubble: 13 ha
  • Breeds: Vendéen x Charolais
  • Stocking rate: 0,76 LU / ha of forage area

Animal performance

  • Average carcass weight: 19 kg (Lamb)
  • Average age when slaughtered: 135 days (Lamb)
  • Average European classification of the carcass (EUROP): U and R (Lamb)

Why it is working

This innovation does not require any particular criteria to operate, except a technical, rigorous and voluntary breeder.

Additional information

Farming system

conventional farming

Domains of innovation

forage mixture, grazing management system, landscape

Main types of animal

meat sheep



Product type

Farmer portrait


English, French

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