Milking robot and grassland management as a family father


Pol Tonglet is constantly improving his grazing management system. Currently he practices:

  • Rotational and continuous stocking
  • Overseeding technique on grassland with Güttler precision equipment
  • Grazing followed by low cut.

Pol has a milking robot.

Farmer’s strategy is focusing on higher production and permanent curiosity.

For Pol Tonglet, the climate remains a constraint on the productivity of his grassland and the non-use of pesticides products a challenge.

Farm description


  • Soil types : Clayey-loam, Clay, Limestone
  • Temperate oceanic climate
  • Altitude : 200 m
  • Slope : 0-5%

Grassland management

Grasslands, mostly permanent, are both grazed and mowed down (4 times a year). The duration of permanent meadows is longer than 20 years. Grazing management type: rotational and continuous stocking. Forage is stored according 3 types: silage, haylage and hay.


  • Annual Work Unit: 3
  • Agricultural Area : 105 ha UAA
  • The farm is managed by the owner and his wife (rural tourism)
  • 63 ha are dedicated to crops and the rest in permanent (35 ha) and temporary (7 ha) grasslands
  • The dairy cattle is Pie Noire Holstein : 75 lactating cows
  • The beef cattle is Blue-white Belgian breed (BBB) : 170 heads

Animal performance

  • The milk production is average: 8,500 kg of milk / cow / year

Why it is working

Pol Tonglet set up a performing grassland management based on a long practical experience developed in particular with his brother

Additional information

Farming system

conventional farming

Domains of innovation

forage conservation technique, grazing management system, machinery, tools

Main types of animal

beef cattle, dairy cattle



Product type

Farmer portrait


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