Slurry tank equipped with a drag hose unit on grasslands


Slurry application on grasslands by using a slurry tank equipped with a drag hose unit 12 meters wide.

Reason for the innovation

The farmer aims at using natural fertlizers on her farm whenever possible. Furthermore, she always wants to apply liquid manure on all grasslands of her holding at an appropriate time, which is 2-3 days after cutting. An ordinary slurry tank was insufficient, so she also decided to buy a more specialised equipment. The farmer is interested in buying machines in a cooperative, but nobody in the neighborhood agrees.

In Poland, precise methods of application of natural fertilizers are known well and used mainly on arable land. Nevertheless, on grasslands, farmers commonly use a normal slurry tank. Liquid manure is mainly applied by spilling it directly on the sward.

Farm description


  • Soil types: Sandy
  • Climate: Warm-summer humid continental
  • Altitude: 65 m a.s.l.
  • Slope: 0%

Grassland management

  • All of the grasslands are exclusively mowed.
  • The sward is conserved by making haylage and hay.


  • Annual Work Unit: 5
  • Agricultural Area: 177 UAA
    • Main forage area: 163 ha
    • Arable land area: 80 ha
    • Permanent grassland area: 97 ha
    • Temporary grassland area: 7 ha
    • Other green forage area: 59 ha
  • Average tocking rates:
    • agriculture area 2.3 LU/ha
    • main forage area 2.5 LU/ha
    • grassland area 3.9 LU/ha

Animal performance

  • Dairy cows: 220
  • Total livestock units: 405.9
  • Milk production per head: 11200 (l/year)

Why it is working

The owner of the farm has practical experience and knows a lot about grasslands of her holding. The farmer is convinced that natural fertilizers are the best for her grasslands. She is also aware that a hurried or improper slurry application might result in the destruction of the sod, so she would not outsource this work to third parties.

Additional information

Farming system

conventional farming

Domains of innovation

machinery, tools

Main types of animal

dairy cattle



Product type

Farmer portrait


English, Polish

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