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Forletto farm is located in the north-west of Italy and has a total extension of 70 ha. The farm management includes the owner and his family (sons) and focuses on promote and expand the family activity. The initial innovation project was limited to enlarge the farm buying neighbours or other available land surrounding the property to extend grazing and autumn-winter crops areas. At the same time, a rotational stocking has been introduced to manage grazing areas. The economic benefits of the actions were sensible from the second year, leaded by the significant improvement of yield. The next innovation steps planned is the strengthening of machineries and the enlargement of services portfolio opening a B&B to exploit rural tourism and promote infarm products merchandising (e.g. POD cheese)

Reason for the innovation

  • Solving problem (the need to change)
  • Focusing on higher production
  • Short market chain

Farm description


  • Main soil types: limestone
  • Climate: temperate continental climate
  • Average Altitude: 739 m a.s.l.
  • Slope: 5%

Grassland management

  • Grazing: yes, combined with cut use
  • Grazing management: rotational stoking
  • Length grazing period: 8 month
  • Number of cuts: 4
  • Forage conservation type: hay
  • Fertilisation rate: 80 kg of N/ha


  • Annual Work Unit: 5400 hours
  • Agricultural Area: 52,5 ha UAA
    • Arable land 35 ha
    • Permanent grassland area 17,5 ha
    • Temporary grassland area 17,5 ha

Animal performance

  • Breed type: Delle Langhe sheep
  • Total livestock unit: 45
  • Milk production: 210 l/year/head

Why it is working

The choice of a local sheep and in farm PDI cheese production and merchandising

The decision to broad the farm portfolio trough a Brad and Breakfast

High farm mechanization and top experience of the owner

Additional information

Farming system

conventional farming

Domains of innovation

animal feeding management, farm system, grazing management system

Main types of animal

dairy sheep, meat sheep



Product type

Farmer portrait


English, Italian

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