Target setting and monitoring of motivated staff


Good organisation gives good milk yield with a high-forage diet

At Elmersgården, the aim is good forage and milk production. Operations must be dynamic and constantly improving. To achieve the aim of high profitability and intensive production, strong commitment is needed by all. Staff meetings are held every Monday morning, to give information and key statistics on how the farm is doing. A digital diary is used to show what everyone is working on. On the noticeboard in the barn there is information on routine tasks and who is responsible for them in the coming week.

Future strategies and monitoring are essential. Monitoring is done e.g. within European Dairy Farmers (EDF), where businesses from Sweden and other countries in Europe compare key farm data. The farm committee is an important forum for building future strategies.

The aim is a developing farm with good production and a good workplace.

Reason for the innovation

Passion for the work and intensive production

An expanding business must bring its staff on board through commitment, information, strategies and monitoring.

Farm description


  • Soil types: Clay, clay loam, sandy loam etc.
  • Climate: Temperate continental climate
  • Altitude: 130 m a.s.l
  • Slope: 5 %
  • The farm is located in Västergötland, south-west Sweden.

Grassland management

  • Grazing: Yes
  • Temporary grassland with red clover, white clover, meadow fescue, timothy and perennial ryegrass. Four cuts of silage.


  • Annual Work Unit:  10 on the whole farm, including pig production.
  • Organic production.
  • 700 ha arable land area, of which
    • 180 ha temporary grassland area for cutting
    • 120 ha temporary grassland area for grazing

Animal performance

  • 310 dairy cows, mainly Holstein, producing 11,000 kg milk per cow and year.

Why it is working

All have to view problems as opportunities rather than obstacles. It is important to use good staff and committed advisors. Even staff members with a different native language must be able to understand key data. Having targets for work is important!

Additional information

Farming system

organic farming

Domains of innovation

farm system

Main types of animal

dairy cattle



Product type

Farmer portrait


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