Added value with herb-rich grassland


Sjirk Reijenga is a dairy farmer in the northern part of the Netherlands, the province Friesland. Together with a dozen other dairy farmers he delivers his milk to a milk collector for a special brand of dairy products: ’Weide Weelde’.

The brand ‘Weide Weelde’ is based on sustainable management of the grass-land to create a perfect environment for meadow birds by herb-rich grassland.

Reason for the innovation

The strategy of the farmer is based on creating a more sustainable herb-rich grassland management on his farm for meadow birds.

  • Achievements: better environment for meadow birds
  • Failures: modern technology is not applied
  • Results: more meadow birds and an extra milk price of 2 cents per litre

Farm description


  • Soil: Clay, peat
  • Climate: Temperate oceanic
  • Altitude: ±sea level
  • Slope: flat

Grassland management

  • Grazing: Yes
  • Grazing management: Rotational
  • Length of grazing period: 6 months/year
  • Main composition grassland: Perennial ryegrass and foxtail grass


  • Annual work units (AWU): 2
  • Agricultural Area 95 ha UAA
    • Permanent grassland 84,5 ha
    • Herb-rich grassland 9,5 ha
    • Wet grassland 1 ha
  • Production method: Conventional
  • Stock
    • 173 dairy cows
    • 119 young stock
  • Breed Holstein-Friesian

Animal performance

  • Milk production: 8100 kg/year

Why it is working

The innovation is successful on this farm because:

  • the farmer has a moral passion for meadow birds.
  • the area is suitable for meadow birds and herb-rich management of the grasslands.
  • the extra payments for the milk as a result of the pact with similarity farmers and the milk collector. They create an added value with the branding of the dairy products.

Additional information

Farming system

conventional farming

Domains of innovation

landscape, marketing

Main types of animal

dairy cattle


The Netherlands

Product type

Farmer portrait



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