The Gate opener


Description of the innovation

The Gate opener is a device that can automatically open a wire / passage in the pasture. As an example, we use the gate opener from Novel Ways which, according to them, provides a lot of work convenience because the cows can move themselves to a different plot or other stable at set times. It works by means of a self-rechargeable device that ensures that at the set time the wire opens and the passage for the cows is provided. It is also possible to activate the device by means of a text message. The Gate opener is a low-maintenance and durable device and is a convenience for any grazing farmer.

Use of the Gate Opener

The Gate opener can be attached to a sturdy pole. The Gate opener is energized here by means of an iron wire to let the electricity flow. The flexigate is connected to the Gate opener. (This is a reel that rolls itself up when the gate opener opens, it is wise to have a large opening because the cows experience more stress when the passage is too small).


  • Workability
  • Flexibility
  • Higher feed intake
  • Higher milk production


  • Cost of buying
  • Risk of defects
  • Less visibility on the cows
  • Less control

Research results

Research has shown that the Gate opener can influence the intake of dry matter per cow and milk production in a positive way.

However, in the research done on a dairy farm that itself was already actively engaged in moving wires during the day, it turned out that there was actually no difference with the Gate opener. In cases like this, it is purely the conven-ience that should be decisive for working with a Gate opener.

A follow-up study at a farm that does not offer fresh grass several times a day by means of shifting / removing wires will have to show what effect the Gate opener can have on milk production and dry matter intake.

Dry matter intake

In the research, the dry matter intake per cow per day was determined using a grass height meter, both in a situation in which the Gate opener was present and in a situation where it was not present. Results showed a slightly higher intake with the Gate opener, but differences were not significant.

Milk production

For milk production, no major differences were found in the research. This is probably due to the fact that the research farm already provided a constant supply of fresh grass by regularly moving wires. Further research should be carried out for other situations at other farms.

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Domains of innovation

grazing management system

Main types of animal

dairy cattle


The Netherlands

Product type

Technical leaflet


Dutch, English

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