Farmer’s strategy related to development of his dairy business based on organic production and processing

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Futymas manage a small dairy farm in the northern part of Wielkopolska Region. They started a dairy production in a conventional way. However, because of the small size of the farm and the lack of space for expansion, the economics of the farm didn’t work. Therefore, they have decided to go for added value. The solution was obvious. Let’s be organic and convert weakness into opportunities! The farm has appropriate natural resources for such production. It is located in a beautiful landscape along a small river. Most of the farm field are permanent grassland well suited for grazing. The farm has lovely and picturesque buildings. Apart from certified organic production of milk, the family has decided to process the milk. Their first product was Kreuzer, a hard cheese based on a family own recipe and produced in May. Passion, knowledge and open mind of the family resulted in a quite rapid growth of the dairy business. Now their products are sold in different parts of Poland in organic shops. The family has managed to build an own brand and a group of loyal consumers. Along with the increasing income in Poland and consumer awareness, the demand on organic food is growing rapidly. Futyma are still considering new options for future. They want to increase a share of Simmental breed in their cattle as they can cope better than Holstein Friesian with a difficult natural environment. They want to improve the quality of their meadows as they need more quality grass for cows. It can be done by mechanically removing ungrazed grass and soil aeration. They consider establishing agritourism and a restaurant at their farm. This case shows how important is to find the best strategic fit between external and internal issues related to business. Lastly, it is important to be open minded, hardworking and consequent.

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organic farming

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