Farmer’s strategy related to development of his dairy business based on innovative methods of grasslands cultivation

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Mr. Kokociński is developing his farm by renting land from farmers who have stopped their farming activities. Most of this land constitutes grasslands of very variable quality. To obtain the best possible results the farmer is using different, innovative cultivation methods. One of them was sowing grasses and legumes together. Every 2-3 years, grass seeds and legumes are purchased and sown one at a time. The sowing rate is 25kg of grasses and legumes 17kg per hectare. Grass and legumes seeds are sown individually, perpendicular to each other, to obtain uniform grass-legume sward. There is a high proportion of legumes in the sward, amounting to 40-50%. Sowing grasses and legumes together should guarantee obtaining uniform grass-legume swards. The farmer’s strategy which is not to maximize milk yield but rather to run more sustainable system. For the moment, the farmer is satisfied with the results of his innovation. The farmer’s grassland is high quality, with the milk production levels achieved. The main concern of farmer is economics. Milk price is not high enough, he knows that he still has to reduce costs and increase scale.

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conventional farming

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legume management – Perennial legumes

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dairy cattle



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