Herb-rich grasslands

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The farm of Boer Bart in Rotstergaast is based on the philosophy that the system must be sustainable for thousand years. An important pillar in this philosophy is the herb-rich grassland. The famer maintains his herb-rich grassland by an intensively grazing system. The grazing cows are his machinery.

The famer tried two methods to create herb-rich grassland. One of the methods was overseeding with a special mixture of herbs, including chicory. The first years after the overseeding it was a success: a variety of herbs. But after several years the variation in species disappeared and some grass-species prevailed. Overseeding with a herb-rich mixture wasn’t successful in the long term.

The other method was more natural. Herb-rich grassland was created by intensively grazing and avoiding land processing (only manuring). Every twelve hours, the farmer gives the cows a new piece of grassland (strip grazing). After an intensive grazing period, the grassland gets a resting period of four weeks. With this grazing system, a natural balance in grasses and herbs has been created. The farmer created and maintains his herb-rich grassland with this grazing system. In the system, the cows are grazing as much hours as possible in a year; they are grazing day and night. Only some months in the winter time they are in the stable.

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organic farming

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animal type (breed), farm system, forage mixture, grazing management system, marketing

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dairy cattle


The Netherlands

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