Seeds Sales in France

Sales of perennial ryegrass increased over the last three decades, particularly between 1980-1990, this being primarily related to the development of the seeds and lawns market.

Sales of legumes, including lucerne, red clover and white clover, were largely stabilised. These sales tended to increase during the last seven years, notably by the rise of legumes in grassland associations.

Concerning Italian ryegrass, it underwent severe fluctuations. This species, having a very short cycle, is an adjustment species, meaning that farmers sow it according to their spontaneous needs for inventory, which is related to the production of grass in permanent grasslands or long term leys.


Simultaneous analysis of seed production and sale makes it possible to estimate the self-sufficiency of a country to supply its market.

The French situation concerning perennial ryegrass was characterised by an extremely low self-sufficiency in the early 1980’s, which increased regularly until the end of 2000, for both lawns and forage perennial ryegrasses.

The reason for this increase is related to the implementation of selection programmes for development of varieties especially adapted to France. The need for varieties resistant to the foliar diseases (in particular to rust) is very important to France.

Otherwise, this increase is attributed to the development of production techniques of seeds adapted to French pedoclimatic conditions.

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